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Tango Video Chat

Another Android app!
It works with either iPhone or Android phones! Pretty cool stuff! And it's FREE!
Video chat is more fun! 
This is how it looks like when you are trying to contact someone using TANGO video chat!
And this is how the video looks like. I took a screen shot using Shoot Me App (Android). The video quality is pretty clear, it only looks like this because i have to shake my phone when i take screen shot)
It works if you are using Android phone to call someone with an iPhone. I am pretty sure it doesn't work for all android device (check description above)~ (i have HTC EVO)
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A few more of my favorite Android Apps (part 2)

gTunes (free)
I love that i can download songs for free! hahaha
PicSay (free)
I like adding text, clip art, stickers on my photos for fun. I use this app to add cute, fun text, clip art. I can also crop, apply effects, and bunch of cool stuff! 

Angry Birds (free)
Blogger (free)
I like to blog once in awhile and the blogger app is pretty cool, i use this app, when i want to create a quick/short blog.

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My favorite Android Apps (part 1)

Shazam (free)
Whenever i hear a song, and i do not know the name or artist, i use this app to give me the song title and artist, i simply hit on shazam button andwait for the the app to listen to the song, in a few seconds (5 seconds).. it will show me the song title/artist. Pretty cool, huh =)
The Coupons App (free)
I use this to find good deals, i enjoy discount! Anywhere restaurants, boutique/clothing, drugstore, name it... i click on the coupon and show the barcode on check out! Voila! discount =)

Words with Friends (free)
Have fun with friends and play Words! I used this whenever i get bored, occupy my free time.

Movie Fone (free)
Search what movie is out in the theater near you! =) Check the showing time and even purchase ticket thru your android phone to avoid lines. =)

Hey Wire (free)
Free Unlimited International text message, my sister works in UK and i use this app to send text messages for free! How cool is that?!
Pandora (free)
How about you? What's your favorite Android app?

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I want to be a-lone star

O.P.I. Texas Collection (I want to be a-lone star) with Black Shatter. Without top coat. I couldn't find my finishing top coat to make it  shiny =(

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Snagged some lil stuff

I went to ULTA, hoping that they have the O.P.I Shatter I've been dying to have, lol. I have been looking for this since last week, Sephora doesn't carry it, which kinda odd. Anyhow, I walked in the store and tadah, they have it! I've been to a lot of beauty shop searching for this, they're all sold out. Today is my lucky day! =D
I also snagged a couple of nail polishes by Revlon. Oh, and I ordered another Misa BB Cream! I got it today! =D

MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream SPF30 PA++

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Long sleeve blouse and High waist jeans

I have been looking for a long sleeve blouse, i wish i could find one that has a satin fabric, still searching and I was browsing at f21 and found a high waist jeans (I don't own one) so I thought I would pair it with the white blouse. I got these today, it was a quick stop at the mall.
Blouse: $13.00
Jeans: $24.00
not too bad for a quick monday shopping =/
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