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Holiday Shopping Haul

I didn't get too crazy for Black Friday sale, i want to avoid the overly crowded mall, but instead i purchased one thing online (just one) i gotta get at least ONE good deal, right? and it's only for 30bucks, not too bad right? and i am proud of myself, lol
anyway, i didn't go crazy about Cyber Monday either... i stayed away from my laptop! Which is another thing i am proud of, lol.... (the truth is that i sneaked and looked but i didn't find anything, haha... because i was too freakin' lazy... 
Moving on, so today... i am not feeling well and decided to head out somewhere... and i know where i will end up going =P... so i was driving and i said to myself "Maybe i should check out what's at the mall today..hmm"
First stop F21, yeah i took time to photograph all my crap and post it up here =)
click thumbnails for HQ, so you can see how pretty it is
I snagged the one shoulder dress! i just thought it gonna be a great addition to my solid collection of dresses. I'm not really into floral or printed clothes, but i saw this and i thought its pretty and so i tried it on and i look awesome in it =P
Next stop, where else women go shopping? Victoria Secret =D
This set was retail for $38.00 but i got it for $25.00.. so why not?! SNAGGED!
and this BOMBSHELL perfume was retail for$45.00 and i got it for $25.00! ..and so.. SNAGGED!
and holy crap.. i got 2 secret reward cards... so i guess it's not going to be my last trip to VS this year.. hahaha
ok..  and i am not done yet.... i snagged a few cute little things from f21.. a hello kitty key cap (freakin' adorable)  and a Silver nail polish =D and they're reasonably cheap =D
***dance, dance.. Clap Clap ***
Lastly, a shiny infinity scarf! (Infinity scarf is circle/round) I have a EXPRESS a-list card to use.. i can get $15.00 off from anything i  get.. so i don't want to spend to much in that store.. so i snagged a scarf (retail for $29.99) and so then i got for half price. *smiles*
I would pair this with my any plain shirt/top and play along with a leather jacket =D! 
.... and so I'm broke... =/
What did y'll get? 

Glitter Glam Holiday Nails

Christmas is here again! One of my favorite holiday! Aside from decorating my home... i love my nails to look festive as well! I like to play with different holiday colors red, green, gold, silver and whatever my heart desires!
I will show you guys one simple holiday nails, so have fun watching the video.

click on thumbnails for HQ 

I recently snagged a couple of nail polishes from Metropark, retail for $3.99. I painted my nails with solid peachy color and i top it with these two glitter polishes. They look so pretty on my nails! Just perfect for holidays =)
click on thumbnails for HQ 
Happy Holidays!!

Advance Vivid (Show the world that GREAT Smile)

I have been using CREST brand for nearly or over a year.  I get compliments on how white my teeth are, i would say, it does whitens my teeth =) and i am doing the right thing for my teeth! These are the list of Crest brand i have been using.
From 3D White vivid, i will try 3D ADVANCED VIVID toothpaste. I am not sure if there is a price difference between the two, i wanna see how advance vivid will do for my teeth. 
CREST 3D white VIVID claims to whitens and can remove up to 80% of surface stains in 14 days while,
CREST 3D ADVANCED Vivid claims to whitens and remove up to 90%. The packaging is smaller and it retails for $3.99

The next CREST product i have been using is the Original Whitestrips.  I have 2-3 strips left in the box, i will get the 3D White Whitestrips Vivid Enamel Safe Dental Whitening Kit when i finished this box. I use this once or twice a week...but i admit i sometimes skip a week or 2 weeks using this. But i've use it constantly and i would recommend trying this, it does whitens the teeth.  My teeth becomes sensitive (when i drink cold beverage) first few weeks using it but after a little while i noticed my teeth aren't too sensitive anymore.

Lastly, my fav Crest Cool Mint floss... it's thin and it glides smoothly in between my teeth not like other floss i've tried that are a lil too thick. It has a cool mint flavor and it cools in between teeth, which i love =P


Leggings, Tights, Jeggings... SEXY!

I've been loving to wear tights since the beginning of fall, but since the weather here in Florida change a lot from cool to warm... i cannot wear it all the time! But once in awhile, i wear them when i go out at night. It makes a simple outfit looks chic and sexy, without overdoing it and without putting too much effort =). 
Here's a few item that i snagged from the past few weeks! 

I like the details on the side of this stockings, this will definitely look great with my leatherette shorts and mini skirt.
I got this stockings at Metropark
for list of leggings and tights SHOP HERE
Click thumbnails for HQ 

This next leggings is from Forever21, I have been looking for a nice pair of leggings with leather details to it. This is the close one i could find.
for list of knit leggings SHOP HERE
Click thumbnails for HQ

Another tights i got is from Windsor 
this tights are a lil thicker from all the tights i have.. I haven't wear this one yet! But i have tried it on and it is so comfortable and so soft! and i love it! PERFECT to keep my legs warm

More tights and stocking! I LOVE!

Hope everyone had a great black friday!


Latest Shoot

Here are a few sets from my latest shoot photographed by Kelly Coopman.  He emailed me a few days ago right after the shoot! The shoot is about to look sexy and have fun at the beach and i haven't done that kind of shoot in awhile, i may look a lil tense in the beginning of the shoot.. but all goes well after a lil while and we created some great shots! 
Check them out, criticize them, or just leave some love!

So what do you think?
More shoots to come! I'm scheduling more photo shoots next month =)


My ACNE prone face

Yes, my skin is not perfect! I suffered acne for the past 6 months this year and ruined my life... it's devastating! Waking up in the morning with 2-3 large zits is heart breaking! I have tried many products from drug store brand to high end skin care stuff. I finally found the one the works for my skin!!! We all have different skin type, this particular regimen works for me and may not work for you...

Here's my current skin care routine:
  • BOSCIA Smoothing Facial Polish (i use 2-3 times a week)
  • BOSCIA Clear Complexion Cleanser with Botanical Blast
  • BOSCIA Clear Complexion Tonic with Botanical Blast
  • BOSCIA Clear Complexion Treatment with Botanical Blast
  • BOSCIAOil Free Daily Hydration with SPF 15 

I use this with my daily skin care routine
Now, this one i got i went to see my dermatologist, he gave me a sample  to see how it works for me. I have been using this for more than a month and i am happy with this product! I noticed i don't break out too much but it leaves my skin really dry but using a good moisturizer with it will help.
Since i don't break out a lot this time, i may just use this once a week to give my skin a break =)

Then, whenever i feel a bump on my face i immediately apply Aloe Vera Moisturizing gel then apply Clinique Acne Solution lastly i apply BOSCIA Daily Hydration SPF 15 
As you can see, i have almost use a lot of my acne solution and spot healing gel =) 
My skin type change every season, i get oily skin during summer, during fall season my skin will get dry, so i have different type of routine depends what my skin condition is.

Right now, i have normal to dry skin and i basically apply daily moisturizer everyday with SPF 15, my skin sometime have really dry part like my forehead and my upper cheek... so i apply a different moisturizer on those areas, I use:

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge ( i use only whenever i have intense dryness on my face)

then the second smaller jar is CLINIQUE All About Eye cream i apply everyday as well 

I know summer is over, but i wanna tell you what's my favorite skin care product i like when i my skin is very oily. 
  • SHISEIDO Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam
  • SHISEIDO Pureness Balancing Softener (Alcohol Free)
  • SHISEIDO Matifying Moisturizer (alcohol free)
  • SHISEIDO  Extra Smooth Sun Protection Cream SPF 38 (my fav)
 Have a great week ahead! and LOVE YOUR SKIN!


Lace will always be known for its sex appeal, i think it's sexy, classy and it will stay in style! This fall season you can find lace anywhere, different patterns and styles! So i am thinking to create a chic look for "lace it Up" outfit!

I have been looking for a nice piece of lace top, this is the only lace top i found and trying to pair it with different style, a leatherette shorts and mini skirt to make it more stylish and unique.  I want to find a really good piece something like all lace that i can wear a plain black bra underneath, im sure i will find one soon but for now this is what i came up with this look.

Where to find these pieces:
Black Lace Top & Leatherette Shorts from Forever21
Black Skirt with studs from Express (clearance)

Moving on, reason why i am giggling now... SHOES! I would like to share you guys this good deal if you happen to be in search for a great shoes.. so, I was shopping for shoes last week and i was looking for a really good quality and ofcourse, the price kinda matters to me =p  I went to BAKERS and i found a really good deal... so if you happened to be in the store, CHECK OUT their great stylish shoes!

 It's by H by Halston, Bakers carry this brand. In-store the sale price for this is $39.99 and they have 25% additional discount, so i got these 2 pair for $29.99 each! What a great STEAL! original price was $89.99! so i picked up Green and Black! I am not sure if they have additional 25% if you purchase online but you can check it out at the store!

Dolce Vita Pumps / Heels --> Similar to this pumps!

1st Image Source: Suede Pumps
2nd Image Source: Lace Top




I am almost done collecting my fall 2010 look. Some of the clothes i am wearing are from the previous year.  I like to mix and match whatever i have in my close, fashion change every now and then and there are times that i need to update =P

  • Scarf  & Necklace from Forever21(last year)
  • V-neck Sweater from Express (clearance)
  • Skinny cargo pants from Express (clearance)
  • Boots from Zara

Moving on to the second look that I'm lovin, it's casual and comfortable to wear.  I am still looking for a nice scarf maybe faux fur vest, i definitely want to try and get one if i find a good affordable one!
YOU CAN FIND ALL THESE PIECES AT FOREVER21, but my only recent purchased from them are the necklace and military jumpsuit.  The boots and scarf were from last year. But I'm sure you can find similar items at the store.


Image Source:  



Katy Perry "California Girls" halloween costume

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fun halloween!

 I was Katy Perry from her music video "California Girls" i was inspired to create thelook just because i cant help but to be obsessed with her skin!...particularly in the mtv music video awards, .she just had this amazing glow and sheen to her!

Here are a few photos from Halloween............ 

The entire costume was pretty much hand made.. the cotton candy is made of spider web i purchased at Walgreens and i used a very light pink spray paint.  And i just clip it to my mini skirt and bra =) The accessories was from Claire's Store (clearance) and dollar store. The purple wig was from Amazon.

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