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My Fall Season Hair Color

Step by step process on how i dyed my hair, the products i used below =)

Photo taken outside.

Photo taken indoor
My bathroom doesn't have the best lighting.. I will make some more photos outside so you can see the result =)

Fall is here again!! New season, New hair color! 

PRODUCT I USED (Salon Quality) =)

L'oreal Preference "Mega Browns" Level 6 in Cinnamon $5.49
Salon Care Professional 20 Volume Creme Developer $1.59
Color Applicator $1.69
Hair Clips
Cling Wrap
L'oreal Feria Professional Color Moisturizing Treatment $2.49
Gloves $2.79

ALL products were purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply. It's inexpensive, i love the result and my hair is softer and smoother. They have a wide selection of hair color to choose from. I picked up the L'oreal Preference "Mega Browns" Level 6 in Cinnamon.  I spent $20 for all the products.  We all know that going to the salon is expensive, I have time to do it myself so why would i spend my money at the salon? eh?!?!

This is how your mixture should look like:
First, pour 2 oz of Volume 20 Creme Developer in the applicator bottle
then pour in the hair color (2 0z)

This is the first thing i poured in the applicator bottle.

I purchased 2 bottles of hair color, i used one bottle for my entire hair!

Read labels/instructions properly

Start applying on the roots towards the end of the hair, i like to do it section by
section. Use a rat tail comb to section your hair and to distribute the product in your hair.
I was thinking of making a video but it's too messy, i don't want dye on my camcorder =/

You can see all the mess on the sink.... pretty messy huh?!

Cover your hair with cling wrap for 1 hr and 30 mins.

voila! rinse hair with water (do not shampoo) and use a good after coloring conditioner
I used L'oreal Feria Professional Color Moisturizing Treatment! Shampoo your hair the next day or couple of days after.

L'oreal Feria Professional Color Moisturizing Treatment


caitlinchampaco said...

I'm using the l'oreal professional hair color but I only have the l'oreal oreor developer creme. Is it okay to mix the two?

Unknown said...

1 hour and 20 minutes is too long to process! i think 30 minutes is the time it says to leave it on.

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