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Countdown to Halloween, BEGINS!!
So yah, I'm almost done makin my costume for Halloween.  I'm pretty sure you already have an idea what i am going to be..... I bought some materials for my costume at art and craft store (JoAnn) except for the wig that i purchased online from Amazon that cost me $15.99 including shipping. 

Here's a sneak peek:

Cotton Candy, big lollipop, headband with heart attached and cupcake rings

Cotton candy: Is made from spider web i got from halloween store and spray paint it with powder pink to make it look like a cotton candy.
Big lollipop: from Walgreens
Headband with heart attached: all from dollar tree (purple ribbon, heart box)
I also went to Michael's art and craft store and picked up rhinestones and purple glitters.
Cupcake rings: they're from Claire's. They're actually lipgloss and i purchased plastic rings and glued them together.


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