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Advance Vivid (Show the world that GREAT Smile)

I have been using CREST brand for nearly or over a year.  I get compliments on how white my teeth are, i would say, it does whitens my teeth =) and i am doing the right thing for my teeth! These are the list of Crest brand i have been using.
From 3D White vivid, i will try 3D ADVANCED VIVID toothpaste. I am not sure if there is a price difference between the two, i wanna see how advance vivid will do for my teeth. 
CREST 3D white VIVID claims to whitens and can remove up to 80% of surface stains in 14 days while,
CREST 3D ADVANCED Vivid claims to whitens and remove up to 90%. The packaging is smaller and it retails for $3.99

The next CREST product i have been using is the Original Whitestrips.  I have 2-3 strips left in the box, i will get the 3D White Whitestrips Vivid Enamel Safe Dental Whitening Kit when i finished this box. I use this once or twice a week...but i admit i sometimes skip a week or 2 weeks using this. But i've use it constantly and i would recommend trying this, it does whitens the teeth.  My teeth becomes sensitive (when i drink cold beverage) first few weeks using it but after a little while i noticed my teeth aren't too sensitive anymore.

Lastly, my fav Crest Cool Mint floss... it's thin and it glides smoothly in between my teeth not like other floss i've tried that are a lil too thick. It has a cool mint flavor and it cools in between teeth, which i love =P


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