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Holiday Shopping Haul

I didn't get too crazy for Black Friday sale, i want to avoid the overly crowded mall, but instead i purchased one thing online (just one) i gotta get at least ONE good deal, right? and it's only for 30bucks, not too bad right? and i am proud of myself, lol
anyway, i didn't go crazy about Cyber Monday either... i stayed away from my laptop! Which is another thing i am proud of, lol.... (the truth is that i sneaked and looked but i didn't find anything, haha... because i was too freakin' lazy... 
Moving on, so today... i am not feeling well and decided to head out somewhere... and i know where i will end up going =P... so i was driving and i said to myself "Maybe i should check out what's at the mall today..hmm"
First stop F21, yeah i took time to photograph all my crap and post it up here =)
click thumbnails for HQ, so you can see how pretty it is
I snagged the one shoulder dress! i just thought it gonna be a great addition to my solid collection of dresses. I'm not really into floral or printed clothes, but i saw this and i thought its pretty and so i tried it on and i look awesome in it =P
Next stop, where else women go shopping? Victoria Secret =D
This set was retail for $38.00 but i got it for $25.00.. so why not?! SNAGGED!
and this BOMBSHELL perfume was retail for$45.00 and i got it for $25.00! ..and so.. SNAGGED!
and holy crap.. i got 2 secret reward cards... so i guess it's not going to be my last trip to VS this year.. hahaha
ok..  and i am not done yet.... i snagged a few cute little things from f21.. a hello kitty key cap (freakin' adorable)  and a Silver nail polish =D and they're reasonably cheap =D
***dance, dance.. Clap Clap ***
Lastly, a shiny infinity scarf! (Infinity scarf is circle/round) I have a EXPRESS a-list card to use.. i can get $15.00 off from anything i  get.. so i don't want to spend to much in that store.. so i snagged a scarf (retail for $29.99) and so then i got for half price. *smiles*
I would pair this with my any plain shirt/top and play along with a leather jacket =D! 
.... and so I'm broke... =/
What did y'll get? 

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