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How I Cut my Hair

Everytime i go to the salon... i sometimes end up not liking my hair cut.  I used to go the salon and have the same stylist which i do like but i moved to a new area and i need to look for a good salon and a hairstylist and i just don't want to go a try a new salon and just decided to learn how to trim my own hair.  The last time i went to see my stylist was nearly a year ago and i watched how she trimmed my hair and it's just really easy and simple. So, i thought why would i pay $30 just to have my hair trimmed if i can do it myself =D
Anyhow, here's a quick video on how i cut my hair:
This was the first time i cut my own hair (4 months ago)and i liked how it turned out, so no more trips to the salon for me

Here are the things i used

I like to trim my hair atleast every 8 weeks.. i cut my hair today and this is how my hair looks like now 

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