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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest… these are just a few platforms i use to explore and express my love for fashion, style, photography and travel.

Instagram is my favorite! It enables me to follow my favorite brands posted by individuals whose style is similar to mine. I love exploring photography and Instagram has tons of great shots... from basic smart phone pics to professional high tech camera photography. I also follow a variety of my favorite fashion brands including beauty/skin care products, designer shoes and bags, and just about anything pretty! My favorite Instagram activity is browsing HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS.  I enjoy learning how individuals present their products using photos posted on social media.

Facebook, i don’t usually look at Facebook.. i find myself scrolling through a bunch of funny videos that i find fun when i’m bored =D. 

Twitter, I am not sure why i  have a Twitter account.  Is it only for celebrities and politics? I have all my social media platforms linked so when i post a picture on my Instagram it automatically posts to my Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, personal Facebook and Pinterest. 

Now for the FUN PART!
I am going to tell you how i link all my social media platforms with just one tap!

I basically use Instagram.  In the Instagram settings you can link your Instagram to your Facebook Personal Page or Fan page (whichever photos you want to show). I have my Instagram linked to my Fan page. 

I use

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for "IF THIS THEN THAT".  It has several applets. Applets help you explore the universe! You can connect to your home, streamline your social media, and much more! 

To link my Instagram to Twitter, my applets are:
“Post your Instagram pics on Twitter as a picture (not a link)”
Then under Twitter settings it’s linked to my personal Facebook page. 

I just recently added Pinterest as platform to post all my Instagram pictures using
Here’s my applet:

“Sync your new Instagram to a Pinterest board”
You can also use to link your Instagram to Facebook Personal Page: the applet will be:
"Automatically share your Instagram to Facebook"

So when i post picture on my Instagram it will automatically post to my Facebook Fan Page, then to Twitter, then Facebook Personal Page, and Pinterest in just one tap. I don’t have to go to each one of my app/social media to upload one similar photo.

I hope this post help you understand linking all your social media platforms. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below.

Thank you and i hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother's Day! 

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